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From Lazar’s cave, over Malinik, Brezovica and Valkaluci to Resavica

Overall track length – 77 km
Technical difficulty – 5/10
Scratching – 5/10

Zalazak Sunca na grebenu MalinikaKučaj mountains are the biggest uninhabited wilderness area in Serbia and a real heaven for 4×4 explorers. In a space of more than 2500 square kilometres there you can pass through some of the biggest beech forests in Europe, some of the most beautiful canyons and river valleys, picturesque rocky ridges and a grand scale underworld of caves and pits, which has been attracting cave explorers for decades. Dynamic and diverse, Kučaj mountains are also rich with wildlife, so it has all the prerequisites to become a national park in the future. This track is the first in a series that will show you how to traverse Kučaj all the way from the far east to the west, covering 77 km and visiting some of it’s most prominent landmarks – Lazar’s cave, the scenic viewpoints of Lazar’s canyon, the main ridge of Malinik, Velika Brezovica plains, Valkaluci, Prskalo waterfall…

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Reaching Pasarelo (Suva planina)

Overall track length – 34 km
Technical difficulty – 5/10
Scratching – 6/10

Na Pasarelu

If you used to climb Suva planina along the usual mountaineering trails, from Donji Dušnik or Bojanine Vode, you can hardly imagine what this glorious mountain looks on it’s south side, where it features an enormous highland plateau. You certainly should visit Pasarelo, getting a chance to view the entire horseshoe shape of Suva planina ridge. Driving up in an offroad vehicle is certainly one of the better ways to get there fast and easy. This track shows how to do it from the direction of Mokra village, in the vicinity of Bela Palanka.

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Sideroads of Kopaonik national park

Overall track length – 69 km
Technical difficulty – 3/10
Vegetation contact – 1/10

Nebeske stolice - crkva iz 5. vekaThe first association of the word Kopaonik is that of skiing, but Kopaonik is actually much more than a ski resort – it’s a national park, the home of many rare plant and animal species, a place where history blends with beautiful, unique, wild nature. This track takes you through the most striking parts of Kopaonik, along roads known only to those who are true adventurers and fans of this mountain range…

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