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Short, concise reports from offroad adventures drawn up and organized by Aleksandar Veljković for Jeep Club Serbia or Serbianoutdoor, and guest appearances at events organized by our friends (more extensive texts can be found in the section Travelogues).

Pretežno kraći, koncizni Izveštaji sa dosadašnjih ofroud avantura koje je osmislio i organizovao Aleksandar Veljković pod okriljem Jeep Club Srbija ili KAUP-a, odnosno gostovanja na događajima u organizaciji naših prijatelja (opširnije putopisne reportaže nalaze se u sekciji Putopisi).

2016 – an intense season

Yes, we haven’t found time to mention any of our tours since Homolje Gold Rush this past spring – and there’s been some… 12 or 13 of them inbetween, if we count both the official and unofficial ones. We’ve been in Serbia (all over), Romania and Montenegro, and that won’t be the end of the list. So let’s make just a quick run through the places we’ve visited in 2016. But first…

The video from the Serbian Snow Adventure we owe you. Almost 8 months delayed, but better late than never 🙂 With a bit of luck, the rest of the video material from this season will be processed as the new winter approaches. So here it is, enjoy! 😎

Huh, that was really intense, wasn’t it? And where have we been doing during the spring and summer season?

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Homolje rivertrail fun

Written by
Aleksandar Veljković

Homolje mountains aren’t tall – they hardly exceed 1000 m at their highest point, but they’re a fantastic 4×4 playground of interconnected ridges with steep sides and numerous smaller and bigger stream and river valleys, ideal for exploring and searching creative ways to reach places. Springtime stretches a carpet of flowery meadows over Homolje, and early springtime such as the beginning of March (technically still winter) gives a rare opportunity to experience mud challenges while the higher mountains are still under a thick snow cover. This was one of such early springtime ventures into the wonders of Homolje.

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Our February 4×4 adventures

This February has been a very active month for us. First we’ve (in cooperation with Rustika Travel) successfully conducted Serbian Snow Adventure, and a week later visited our friends from Jeep Club Romania (AJCR) who celebrated their 4th anniversary in Baia de Fier in the Carpathians, from February 12th to 14th.

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Homoljsko-Kučajske zimske čarolije

Tokom januara 2016. godine smo na Homoljsko-Kučajskom području bili vrlo aktivni, dokazavši u više navrata da nadaleko čuveni Kučajski smetovi ne moraju biti prepreka za prolaz preko ovog prostranstva impozantne divljine istočne Srbije. 10. januara smo, u saradnji sa prijateljima iz kluba Resava 4×4 i etno domaćinstvom Milanović iz Lipovice u konvoju od 13 terenaca uspeli u osvajanju Beljanice, iako dubina snega na prilazima vrhu nije bila nimalo naivna.

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First winter scouting of Kučaj and Homolje

Winter has come a bit early this year. Kučaj and other higher mountains of eastern Serbia have seen their fair share or snowflakes before December even began. So we set out to carve our way through virgin snow. This is what we’ve experienced.

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Nomadic journey of south Serbia

Serbia is sort of a newcomer to the European adventure travel market – having fewer mountains higher than 2000 m than the surrounding countries, it was always regarded as less attractive and less wild by enthusiasts. But is it really so?

Rosomački kamen

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Through the wilderness of eastern Serbia


A true overlanding camping adventure

Pilj waterfall

The thing that makes eastern Serbia so special is the fact that it’s one of the few remaining sparsely inhabited wildernesses in Europe. It’s the kind of place that you’re dreaming about when you want to break all your ties with everyday life and find silence and unspoiled nature somewhere. And freedom, yes, that is the key factor. Because, unspoiled nature throughout Europe is in most places actually spoiled by guards, cameras, rules, which are there to, allegedly, “protect” that nature, but actually keep reminding you of the things you want to forget about. And you every move is closely monitored. But not in eastern Serbia, no. You can really wander for days there without meeting a single human being, without being forced to obey any regulation or rule, except the natural, logical ones. You can really forget about the place where you’ve come from. You can be relaxed, and FREE. Continue reading Through the wilderness of eastern Serbia

Recovering lost roads

A journey through east Serbia in spring 2015

Nature is changing faster than we can imagine. A forest trail that we once passed can be lost overnight due to a landslide, or deteriorate beyond usable state very fast due to excessive vegetation growth or fallen trees after extreme storms. If not regularly used, a forest trail can become unrecognizable and completely disappear in less than 5 years. So a collection of GPS tracks is only good if it’s made up of regularly inspected, and updated trails.

Mount Rtanj behind us
Mount Rtanj behind us

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Vrletima Crne Gore

Crnu Goru pohodimo i odlično poznajemo decenijama unazad, ali je ovo bila prva zvanična tura po Crnoj Gori na koju smo vodili naše ljude Namera je bila da učesnicima pokažemo ovu fascinantnu divljinu na jedan način koji će dočarati njene razmere i udaljenost od svega urbanog dok prelazimo beskrajne planinske visoravni na kojima srećemo samo gorštake sa stokom u svojim katunima…

Na Kapetanovom jezeru
Na Kapetanovom jezeru

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Karpati po peti put!

Bila je ovo možda i naša najuzbudljivija i najživopisnija Karpatska ekspedicija do sada. Nabijena lepotom i osećajem monumentalnosti predela, adrenalinskim doživljajima i avanturom, osećajem neograničene slobode i plutanja po oblacima. Bilo je i rizičnih situacija, gde prostora za grešku nije bilo. Bilo je trenutaka gde ne možemo ni napred ni nazad, gde smo prepušteni sami sebi za pronalaženje rešenja. Ali nijednog trenutka nije bilo panike. Kroz sve smo prošli hladne glave, uvereni da nas ništa ne može zaustaviti.

Na grebenu Carkua

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