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Please be patient – this section is still under construction. We’re experiencing certain delays with the translation, since there’s huge amount of material to process and prepare. When it is done, we will introduce the subscriptions programme.

Our GPS track database keeps growing every day – from the 150.000+ kilometres of the raw GPS data that we have, we’ve made a selection for your overlanding pleasure, that our subscribers can access. It covers mainly Serbia, but also has interesting tracks in other Balkans countries. We’ll be adding about 1000 km of tracks per year to our database, making the popularly priced annual subscription more valuable as time passes. You can see on the map what tracks are at present included in our database for memorable wilderness escapes:

Every point is one track. Click on it, and then click on the displayed link to open the post with detailed, illustrated track data and map (you can download the tracks in GPX format from the post). Access to posts (except for those from the Demo section) is exclusively available to subscribers (if you’re not logged in, you’ll get a message that the page can’t be found). We’re in the process of translating the descriptions into English, in order to accomodate the needs of our international visitors. Please write if you have any questions.

You can freely zoom and move the map, as well as choose one of the several available display modes.

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