Our 2018 offroad tour calendar

Keep up the good things and improve them – that is exactly what happened to our offroad tour offerings, which have made the Balkans an instant bestseller in the overland travel market several years ago. The 2018 tour portfolio is derived from the 2017 tours, but every one of them has been further improved, as we think there’s always a way to get closer to perfection. Lets look into the details.

Balkans Snow Trails (4-10th February)


Every winter so far has given our visitors a memorable adventure in the virgin snow of the Balkans wilderness. This season we hope to make it even more effective by simplifying the plan – we do not waste one day on moving from the mountains of eastern to the mountains of western Serbia, rather we make the tour one day shorter and keep it in the wildest region all the time – on the mountain trails of the Serbian Carpathians. Of course, top class accomodations is guaranteed, including the hot thermal pools to relax after every daily adventure in the snow!

Balkans Snow Trails

Homolje Gold Rush (1-7th April)

This tour, which we traditionally organize during the Easter holliday each springtime, has been an instant hit from the very start, and the pace of this year’s registrations proves that it’s still the case. It’s an enchanting combination of early springtime technical challenges in the muddy forests of Homolje mountains, and a cultural experience with the centuries long gold panning tradition, including a drive-through in the biggest gold mine in the Balkans. And the underworld of eastern Serbia also has lots to show! This is the last hotel accomodation tour in our regular tour calendar.

Homolje gold rush

Secret Carpathians (May, July, September)

This is a 3-tour series (one in springtime, one in mid summer and one in late summer) which compiles all of our previous touring experiences with eastern Serbia in a highly flexible concept, which adapts to the season specifics to get the most out of this extraordinary landscape. So every of the Secret Carpathians tours will be different. Most of our returning visitors have taken part in one of our previous Nomad’s Adventure tours, but this area is so huge and so diverse that at least 70% of the available routes we haven’t taken yet in any tour! Just like the Carpathians in Romania, it’s an enchanting wilderness area, where you can travel for days without contact with anything urban, sleeping in the most fascinating wild camping spots. True journey of discovery is guaranteed!

Secret Carpathians

Iron Gate and Stone Arches (24-30th June)

A unique tour centered around the mighty Iron Gate gorge of the Danube river, in the far northeast of Serbia. The Iron Gate national park features one of a kind, dense jungles with some of the nicest forest trails in the Balkans, and being close to the Danube you always run across some very spectacular scenic viewpoints above Danube. Close nearby, just a little further inland in the mountain river valleys, lay many magnificent natural stone arches, which eastern Serbia is especially famous for. And the Iron Gate is also known for being the cradle of European neolithic culture, with it’s impressive museum of the Lepenski Vir neolithic settlement. So again we have a fascinating combination of technical, landscape and cultural experiences which altogether make a perfect overlanding tour!

The Iron Gate and the Stone Arches

Montenegro Highlands (July / August)

A tour strongly evolving season after season – this year expanded with a day of rafting on the Tara river, and the finals extending into northern Albania. It’s a vicious bombardment of your senses with sensations like out of this world, staying for most of the time on the high plateaus of the Dinaric Alps, usually above 1500 m of altitude. After taking this tour you will certainly understand what we mean by saying that there’s no smaller country in Europe with more densely packed natural beauty than Montenegro. A must for every passionate overland adventurer!

Montenegro highlands

Balkans Wild Tracks (23th Sept – 5th Oct)

Two years in a row this has been our most successful tour, and it’s no wonder – the far south of the Balkans, comprising of Greece, Albania and Macedonia (FYROM) features the most fascinating, rugged mountainous landscape in Europe, often resembling alpine ridges. This tour takes place in some of the highest of the Balkans mountains, reaching on Pelister in Macedonia the highest point accessible on wheels in the Balkans – 2600 m, granting you an almost unreal view of the gorgeous Prespa lake below. Take a look at the tour videos in the programme below, and judge for yourself whether or not this tour is worth two weeks of your time. Although it’s quite late in the season, this tour usually books out first, so if you want to secure your place in it, hurry up!

Balkans Wild Tracks

Morrocco and Tunisia desert adventures

These two tours will end our 2018 season – the first one lasting three, and the second one two weeks, offering you a unique desert environment for a Christmas / New Year celebration. Precise details and tour pricing will be available soon (we will take registrations only after we publish all the details).

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