Corona pandemic update

As the year progresses it is becoming clearer that the “pandemic” is a political project, rather than a global medical issue. Many factors are pointing in that direction, starting from the double standards in evaluating the risks in EU and non-EU countries, the repercussions governments are taking against visitors of various countries, to the statistics of the pandemic, which indicate that very disproportional measures are being taken compared to those in previous years when epidemics of respiratory diseases were happening. But that is a complex subject that we have no intentions of dicussing here.

Therefore, it is practically impossible to predict when life will “get back to normal” – it will happen the moment a political decision to do so is reached. In the meantime, we have to continue living the best we can, and we have to at least attempt to organize our tours. With all respect to your decision to possibly obey the recommendations of your government, we think that the risks of travelling are immesurably lower than what is being declared, especially in this type of travel through the wilderness that we practice, where there are virtually none. As overland travellers from EU travel these countries which are on the EU “red list” even at this very moment (Serbia, Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia), we suppose that some of our customers may also decide to take part in our tours, supporting our viewpoint and taking full responsibility for their actions. Therefore, we will proceed with organizing all of our tours in Serbia according to the schedule (we guarantee the guidance of all tours which have at least 3 bookings), and the fate of our tours in other countries of the Balkans will depend on the border regimes imposed (at the moment two members of the Rustika Expeditions team, as owners of Serbian passports, are not allowed to enter EU countries).

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