offroad tours in the Balkans 2021/2022

If you’re looking for ultimate offroad tours in the Balkans, there’s nothing more logical then to trust the #1 Balkan experts in the European overlanding adventure market.

Our 150.000 + km of offroad tracks and 40 years of passionate searching for all the hidden secrets of the Balkans give us absolute superiority when it comes to composing the perfect route symphony for your flawless dream voyage through this enchanting, free wilderness. Yes, we’ve been selling tracks to our competitors until the moment we decided that our most precious tracks should be the exclusive privilege of our customers. Our active scouting policy brings about 5.000-10.000 km of new, unique trail discoveries every year, which are immediately integrated into our ever evolving tours!

So where are we taking you in the next few seasons?
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Homolje Gold Rush (hotel accomodation)

April 11th to 17th 2021
April 11th to 17th 2022

Our traditional season opener, hotel accomodation tour during the Easter hollidays. Early april is still a bit early for camping, so we’ve chosen several nice small hotels (some with natural thermal water pools to accomodate our pack between the daily battles with the muddy forest trails of the Homolje mountains of eastern Serbia (Serbian Carpathians).

However, this tour is much more than a purely technical wilderness challenge – the pastoral landscape of green hills and river valleys hides some of the biggest gold reserves in Europe, so we have a chance to introduce ourselves to the local community and their ancient traditions of gold washing in the rivers. Besides, we’ll also get a tour through the biggest goldmine in the Balkans, and an opportunity to play on it’s sand dunes that brings a true desert driving experience to southern Europe.

A dynamic and pictureque tour and one of our long time bestsellers!

Ancient Trails (wild camping)

May 17th – 26th 2021
June 6th – 15th 2022

This is a completely new tour programme that we have very succesfully premiered in 2019. It introduces a territory that was never featured in tour before – the mountains of central and southwest Serbia. Being 4x more populated than eastern Serbia (where most of our traditional tours take place), making a perfect wilderness itinerary through central Serbia was a challenge which we’ve successfully tackled.

This tour brings an overwhelming variety of landscapes and landmarks, which includes some of the biggest and thickest, jungle like forests in Serbia, some very tricky river valley trails, great lakeside, highland and deep forest wild camps, several medieval castles along the routes, meeting wild horses in the wide open grasslands, visiting impressive waterfalls, and a lot more that makes a memorable wilderness adventure. However, as it happens at the height of the rainy season in Serbia, be ready for a lot of struggle with water and mud – do come to the tour with your MT tyres. Take a look at the video from the 2019 premiere:

Secret Carpathians
(wild camping in summer, hotel in autumn)

June 6-15th 2021 (camping)
July 5-14th 2021 (camping)
October 3-8th 2021 – Indian summer tour (hotel)
July 17-26th 2022 (camping)
October 3-8th 2022 – Indian summer tour (hotel)

This is probably our greatest bestseller by far – the ultimate wild camping tour of Serbia, which we do at least three times a year, and it’s always booked out. Although we’ve done it innumerable times, we still enjoy improving the itinerary, bringing it closer to perfection every time.

Why is it called Secret Carpathians? Simply because nobody in Europe is aware that the Carpathian mountains actually stretch into Serbia to the south. When you say Carpathians, people usually think of Romania, some remember that there are also Carpathians in Ukraine, but nobody has the faintest idea of Serbia. So this is the sweet, hidden, secret Carpathian world, which is always a revelation to the Carpathian lovers.

The tour features all kinds of landscape, starting with the lower, densely forested mountains in the north, gradually rising to the high open ridges of the 2000+ m mountains in the south. It features the best riverbed and lakeside wild camping spots in the Balkans, spactacular canyons and vistas that offer probably some of the best drone filming opportunities in Serbia.

Technically, it’s a medium difficulty tour where you should be ready for occasional more demanding details, especially in case of rainy weather. The two summer tours are camping tours, while the Indian Summer tour in October is a hotel accomodation tour.

Montenegro Highlands
(wild+organized camping)

July 16-25th 2021
June 20-29th 2022
July 4-13th 2022

With the average altitude of our camps that lies between 1500 and 1800 m and the itinerary that rarely drops below 1300 m, this is our highest tour by far. But not only that it happens in the highlands of Montenegro – it also shows the increadible beauty of the rocky, rugged landscape of the Dinaric Alps, camping often beside it’s picturesque mountain lakes, and near shepperd huts where people still harbour their ancient, traditional way of life with their animals. It’s a way to see a remarkable and unique culture of these proud mountain people first hand.

Although some of the trails in this tour are very rocky (so thick sidewall tyres which don’t rip easily are strongly recommended), we regard this as the technically easiest tour from our portfolio. Due to happening mostly in the high, open grasslands, it definitely has the least risk of contact with vegetation, so it’s the tour that doesn’t put your precious paintwork at risk. And due to always having solid alternative roads, it’s a tour where we also accept vehicles without low gear.

In recent years we’ve successfully conducted this tour as 8 days of Montenegro and 2 days of north Albania. 2020 tour will be the last of such, because we want to make the 2021 tour a full Montenegro only tour, because we’ve got more attractions to show our visitors in this small, but overwhelmingly beautiful Balkan country.

Rhodopean Quest (wild camping)

September 6th to 15th 2021
September 4th to 13th 2022

With this new tour we have expanded our wilderness playground further to the east, including a beautiful country totally unknown to european overlanders, Bulgaria. With a very similar landscape to that in Serbia, Bulgaria harbours even higher mountains, proud of having the highest peak in the Balkans. These extremely long mountain ranges, stretching all the way to the Black Sea coast, are overwhelmingly exciting to explore on four wheels, offering the enthusiastic overlander everything he enjoys most – from thick, jungle like forests, through impressive, endless ridge trails, to beautiful mountain lakes and river valleys.

Picturesque villages along our way, like the village of Koprivstica in Sredna Gora, or the world famous village of Melnik where our tour ends are marvelous examples of Bulgarian ethnic architecture and tradition, giving this tour also a cultural experience.

From the technical point of view, this tour is very similar to our tours in Serbia – being dominantly medium difficulty, but with possible harder details in certain spots where we encounter muddy or rocky passages. However, a moderately equipped vehicle with good quality AT or MT tyres and an optional winch should do the job! Sparsely inhabited Bulgaria gives us plenty of opportunity for setting up great campsites deep in the wilderness – in deep forests, beside lakes and rivers. It’s a dynamic itinerary varying in altitude – from being almost at sea level in the valleys, to reaching the altitude of about 2000 m in the Balkan and Rhodope mountains.

Albanian Wild Tracks (wild camping / hotel)

August 15th – 27th 2021

The Balkans peninsula is the last oasis of unrestricted 4×4 offroad travel in Europe. It’s wild and beautiful mountainous terrain harbours some of the most picturesque and dynamic offroad trails, many of which were previously known only to smugglers and local shepperds. They reach more than 2500 m in height, descend into the deepest canyons, cross mighty rivers, and pass through muddy mazes of virgin forests in a way that represents a true adventure you’d normally have to search for in the distant corners of the world. Albania is the most rugged and wild of the Balkan countries, and this tour introduces you to all of Albanian most precious natural jewels.

Technically, it’s one of the medium difficulty tours, where good quality AT tyres should suffice, but low range on the vehicles is also very welcome because of some steep, rocky mountain passages. The trails are dominantly dry and rocky, similar to those in Montenegro, but in average slightly higher and with somewhat more vegetation.

As it lasts 13 days this is also our longest tour, so we’ve taken special care to provide the participants with a chance to sleep in a nice mountain hotel or official camp every 4th day in average, to get a chance for a decent shower and a little more comfort than what the nomadic wilderness experience offers.

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