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true wilderness of Serbian Carpathians

There’s no place better to get lost in the wild, to roam around without any traces of civilization for hours, even days, than eastern Serbia. A vast land of mostly uninhabited wilderness, very few towns and even fewer hotels, this is the kind of place that quickly makes you feel that you’re thousands of kilometers away from home, and the unspoiled beauty of ancient ways very quickly brings a magical atmosphere to this adventure.

Unreal landscape of eastern Serbia

This is perfect land for campers, for those who want to experience long nights by the campfire and walking barefoot on wet grass right outside your tent in the morning mist. There’s nobody around to ask you anything, only pure nature and it’s inhabitants – wolves, wild bore and deer, rabbits, foxes… and a few kinds of mythical creatures that make these forests so mystical. You can drink the water right from the streams, and you can explore freely, on forest roads that have in many cases been long forgotten. So, be prepared to push your Jeep through the bushes sometimes!

The beauty of eastern Serbia takes time to reach your senses, but once it’s inside, you never get rid of it, it’s some sort of an incurable disease  😎 . It’s hard to tell whether it’s the monumental gorge of the Danube river, the Iron Gate and it’s national park that is most impressive, or the fairy land of the Homolje mountains and it’s hidden valleys deep in the forest, maybe the majestic Lazar’s canyon, or the Beljanica and Kučaj highlands. Maybe the high peak of mount Rtanj that resembles a pyramid, or the huge range of the Old Mountain, with all of it’s roaring rivers and countless waterfalls. It’s probably all of that together, forming a Lord-of-the-rings-like image inside your head. The place where time stands still and you feel like you’re in a whole different world.

Of course, you don’t have to be a nomadic type of Jeep adventurer to experience this wild beauty. Although much less common than in western Serbia, comfortable three and four star motels and ethno villages can also be found in this part of the country, and we can plan your trip providing adequate comfort, and authentic cuisine.

The Jewel of eastern Serbia - Lazar's Canyon

Just let us know about your 4×4 desires, and they will come true  😎

You can get more info about your possible tour of eastern Serbia here!

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