In the land of Jeep dreams

Our promotional video to introduce offroad Serbia to the world:

[vimeo w=500 h=270]

Imagine a place with divine nature, full of lakes, rivers, waterfalls and forests, long, grassy ridges that seem to extend forever.

A place where you can wander all day long without encountering a single soul, listening to the wind and birds. A place where you can play around with your Jeep as if it was all your backyard, without ramps, warnings and unlogical restrictions. A place where you can really recharge your batteries and forget about civilization in a single instant, relax your brain by the campfire as your great grandfathers did. Where is that place? Central Asia? Africa? South America? No, it’s in the middle of Europe, and it’s called Serbia! It’s a place that every passionate Jeeper must experience to find out what it means when somebody says that “only sky is the limit”. A country that is still free to move around, even for offroaders. Don’t tell me you haven’t been there yet?!? Well, take a look at this movie, and if you like what you’ve seen go straight ahead to

Rustika Travel to book your tour!

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