Iron Gate and the Stone Arches 2017

Springtime is not a time of year for the high mountains which are still changing their winter “clothing” and can present a considerable risk with some remaining snowdrifts, but it’s simply ideal for a camping tour through the Iron Gate gorge of the Danube, the mightiest European river. A combination of water and rainforest challenges, spectacular camping places on the riverbank and in the mountains, having both breathtaking scenic views and a cultural experience, and adding a unique detail – visit to the natural stone arches of eastern Serbia (which it is famous for) all make up a one of a kind overlanding tour in the Balkans!

To take part in the Iron Gate and the Stone Arches 2018 tour, visit http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/iron-gate/

Watch the video from the Iron Gate and the Stone Arches 2017 tour

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