Serbian Snow Adventure 2016

As we lately have hectic and unpredictable winters with temperatures jumping between -20 and +20 all the time, the tour started as a “Serbian Snow Search”, but in the end we’ve had loads of both snow and mud in fantastic landscapes of east and west Serbia. After gathering at the Nomad offroad park in Belgrade, the tour headed towards the desolate wilderness of Kučaj mountains in the east, reaching a climax in ascending Beljanica, the highest peak of the range, and afterwards it moved to the Uvac lakes area in western Serbia. And while on the move, we had quite a tough challenge of conquering Čemerno mountain, where some deep snowdrifts remained, giving us quite a headache on day 4 of the tour.

So we’ve had everything – sun, rain, as well as snow blizzards, wet, as well as fluffy snow, breathtaking scenic views, enchanting caves, griffon vultures flying over our heads, some technically demanding passages, and we’ve enjoyed it all in the comfort of first class accomodation in small mountain hotels designed in a rustical ethno-style. So if you’re a fan of winter 4×4 tours, joining the Serbianoutdoor 4×4 / Rustika Travel team for a week of memorable adventure in Serbian mountains is a sure win!

Photos by Wolfgang Sacher, Elisabeth Fasting, Friedrich Cox and Aleksandar Veljković

Watch the video from the tour:

And only two weeks before the tour began, this is the situation we’ve had with the snow!

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