Western Serbia Easter Tour 2015

It was supposed to be our first “springtime” tour in 2015, but in April we encountered conditions that were rather extreme and looked more like Siberia in the middle of the winter. Sub zero temperatures, driving through blizzards, getting stuck in snowdrifts, enjoing being the first ones to venture in virgin snow… And a lot of rerouting in places where snow depth was much higher than anyone could master. Not much of a springtime, is it? 🙂 But the guys have really enjoyed it! It’s not just about venturing to places where nobody dares to go in these conditions, it’s a whole journey of discovering both Serbian landscape, history and culture, with a touch of authenticity given by the real life interaction with the locals. It was a 7-day journey of about 1.100 km through the most interesting places of western Serbia, on which the final route was strongly influenced by the weather conditions, giving it a special touch of adventure and uncertainlty that you can rarely experience so far into (at least official) springtime.

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