Jeep Club Belgium exploring wild beauty of Serbia

During seven memorable days, from April 16th to 23rd 2011, 15 members of Jeep Club Belgium in 7 Wrangler Rubicons explored the most exciting off-road trails of western Serbia – the wild parts of Tara and Zlatibor mountains. Rocks, snow and wet meadows, deep forest mud, picturesque ridges, all dynamically passed in front of our visitor’s eyes within each day. Up and down, across numerous streams and rivers, with a boat ride through Drina canyon, getting to know not only the picturesque scenery, but also the people and the tradition of this country – it was a mixture that most of the participants described as “fantastic”, or “never experienced before in 20 years of off-roading”. Relive through more than 200 selected images this exciting week on some of the best Jeep trails that Europe has to offer…

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