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Secret Carpathians / BWT 2017 videos

We completed our 2017 tour video production by releasing videos from two of the biggest overland adventures that we have conducted so far.

The first one was known as the South Serbian Nomad’s Adventure tour, and it was really memorable in July 2017. But only now have we found the time to process the video material and make a proper video out of it. It is, essentially, the tour which evolved into the Secret Carpathians, that we have in our calendar for 2018.

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Lost world of eastern Serbia – video

Better late than never – we’ve finally produced the video from the fantastic tour we’ve guided for Lost World Adventures in July / August 2016. The participants were truly overwhelmed, and we believe eastern Serbia just doesn’t get any better than that. Take a look at this great video…

and, of course, take a look at the photo album with more than 250 selected images from 10 days of this tour.

Discovering wild Balkans

Written by:
Aleksandar Veljković


When mountains in the central part of the Balkans start having freezing temperatures at night in the autumn, it’s time to head south, to the warm, meditteranean part of the peninsula. That is exactly what we do every year in the Balkans Wild Tracks tour. This is the adventure we’ve experienced between October 20th and November 5th in Greece, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia.

In the Pindos mountains
In the Pindos mountains

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Nomadic journey of south Serbia

Serbia is sort of a newcomer to the European adventure travel market – having fewer mountains higher than 2000 m than the surrounding countries, it was always regarded as less attractive and less wild by enthusiasts. But is it really so?

Rosomački kamen

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Opušteno preko Stare planine


Glavni greben Stare planine

Od 11. do 13. jula 2014. otišli smo na Staru planinu sa 3 terenca u nameri da natenane obiđemo njene najlepše delove i u njima sve vreme boravimo – kampujući, jer je to jedini način da se taj fascinantan prostor raskošne divljine doživi u potpunosti. Kao što to obično leti biva, odziv članstva kluba je bio slab, ali to nije blia prepreka za nezaboravan vikend, čak naprotiv – mala, kompaktna družina disala je kao jedan i nikome se nigde nije žurilo.

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