Best of 2016

We’ve had a fabulous wilderness adventure year again! So many journeys throughout the Balkans, so many unforgettable moments… It really wasn’t easy to choose 250 images to show it all from the thousands available. But we believe we’ve managed to make a selection that will make it hard to resist joining us in 2017 😉 We’ve taken our visitors all over the place – to the most stunning wilderness camping spots and scenic viewpoints, taking the truly irresistable 4×4 trails in Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Albania, Macedonia and Romania, proving once again that the Balkans is the part of Europe where a true overland adventurer will find what he’s been looking for all his life without having to travel some 10.000 km first! All of these tours are in our schedule for 2017 again, so wait no longer to book your place –


We know YOUR way around the Balkans better than anyone! 😎 

And here is the same in video slideshow form

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