Three new videos from our studio

Our winter video production is picking up pace – we’ve recently made three new videos from the material recorded during the 2017 season tours. The latest one is the Eastern Serbian Nomad’s Adventure tour video

This tour has now evolved into the Secret Carpathians tour series, but this June 2017 tour edition had a very intimate atmosphere with memorable singing and guitar playing by the campfire. Check it out!

Next comes the tour of the Strongbol team from Germany. The Strongbol guys prefer hard offroading, and that is exactly what was delivered to them. They’re also coming back in 2018!

Last but not least in this trilogy is the video from the Iron Gate and the Stone arches 2017 tour – a unique tour featuring not only the jungles and viewpoints of the Iron Gate gorge, but also the one of a kind natural stone arches that Carpathian Serbia is famous for.

Ofcourse, you will get a chance to take part in this tour in 2018 too – this time later in June×4/scheduled/iron-gate/

Other of our overlanding tour videos can be found at the well known place – https://4×

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