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Sa džip ture

Personal impressions from an offroad tour – from a hiker (written in Serbian)

Napisao: Dejan Jeremić – Jera

Krali smo lepotu uz pomoć benzina/dizela.

Popeli smo se na više vrhova, od toga 3 preko 2000m.

Nismo se namučili u tome.

Videli smo nevidjenu lepotu da se skroz naježiš.

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Offroading and nature – between truth and myth

Written by: Aleksandar Veljković

Contemporary ecologists usually regard motorized vehicles as enemy #1 of life on our planet. They talk about cities without cars, sustainable development, renewable energy sources, repeating the same phrases over and over again as mantras with a strong dogmatic power, without feeling the need to substantiate or offer proof for any of the claims. If anyone dares to ask for proof of these, to put it pollitely, half-truths, if anyone dares to call those claims exagerration and asks for scientific tests or measurements, he becomes cast off, mocked, regarded as “barberian”. So contemporary ecology moves in big steps in the direction of a new religion, in which people believe without questioning, and where anyone who doubts any of the dogmas becomes a heretic, rejected by the society which embraced the new religion.

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