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Serbia 100% safe

You’ve probably seen reports about demonstrations in Serbia these days, and you might have thought “oh, what am I going to do, will I get killed if I go to Serbia?” Keep calm, because nothing violent, dramatic or drastic is happening, and certainly nothing that could endanger either yourself, or your vehicle. We’ve been very busy these days conducting the tours, and taking nice photos of our adventures like the one you see here. However much we’d like to, we haven’t found time to attend the demonstrations so far and, believe it or not, although our headquarters are in the centre of Belgrade, we haven’t had the opportunity to even see the demonstators live. So, even if you’re only a few kilometres away from the national parliament where everything is taking place, you’ll hardly notice that anything is going on, unless you look at news web sites. And the places where your tours will take place this spring are not a few, but rather a few hundred kilometres away – being there, you wouldn’t even notice if a war errupted in Belgrade, and there is 0% chance of that happening.

So be cool, pack your stuff, take your passport and come to Serbia totally relaxed. Everything is functioning normally – the supermarkets, the restaurants, the hotels, the gas stations, everything is still 100% safe, and for us it’s just business as usual

Offroading in Serbia – how safe is it?

945209_10151566668683758_2123338288_nWritten by
Aleksandar Veljković

When talking to our friends abroad about coming over for an offroad tour in Serbia, we often come accross misconceptions – “facts” which are exactly the opposite from what the situation really is, but which make people hesitant about coming to Serbia very strongly. In this article I’d like to address the most common ones. Most of them, actually, are security related – and all of them are utterly unfounded. Some are connected to the recent political developments, and some are misconceptions that date decades into the past. Ok, lets go!

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