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Vesti iz života kluba kao i druge zanimljivosti iz ofroud sveta koje smatramo bitnim za objavu na našim stranicama.

News from our club or other things from the 4×4 world that we find interesting.

Lost world of eastern Serbia – video

Better late than never – we’ve finally produced the video from the fantastic tour we’ve guided for Lost World Adventures in July / August 2016. The participants were truly overwhelmed, and we believe eastern Serbia just doesn’t get any better than that. Take a look at this great video…

and, of course, take a look at the photo album with more than 250 selected images from 10 days of this tour.

Water isn’t your friend

Offroad tour organizers really don’t invest an effort to educate 4×4 vehicle owners just how harmful water can be to their machines – they rather try to sell „exciting“ tours, and what looks more exciting to a novice than submerging the vehicle in a meter of water or mud?

You don’t have to learn it the hard way. You can read what Top Gear experts have to say on the subject for a change.

Our great winter adventure – images and video

Another Serbian Snow Adventure is over – this time with record amounts of snow! Take a look what it’s been like for the participants  🙂 

Montenegro revealed – images and video

We’ve packed together the images and video from our West Serbian and Montenegrian highlands 2016 – a long name for an unearthly beautiful, relaxed experience!

Video Best of 2016

Video version of the Best of 2016 photo album is on-line. Enjoy! 🙂

Our customers about us

It is important to make the right choice of guides for your perfect overlanding adventure. What do the people who already travelled with us say?

Take a look at their opinions, expressed in their own words:

Our customers about us

Best of 2016

We’ve had a fabulous wilderness adventure season again! So many journeys throughout the Balkans, so many unforgettable moments… Take a peek at the selection of images from all the places we’ve taken you to in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Albania and Romania in 2016 🙂

We know YOUR way around the Balkans better than anyone! 😎

Last video from BWT 2016 online

We have finally assembled and put online the last video using the material from the Balkans Wild Tracks 2016 tour:

It depicts the second part of the tour, that took place in the mountains of eastern Serbia – all the way from the far south to the north. For more info about the tour, you can read our travelogue Discovering Wild Balkans.

Serbianoutdoor 4×4 wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sharing our dreams of freedom and wilderness exploration with our friends into 2017 🙂

Nastavite sa čitanjem Serbianoutdoor 4×4 wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Offroading in Romania – beginning of the end?

Written by
Aleksandar Veljković

The Romanian Carpathians have been a European top destination for offroad and overland touring in the past decade, especially for tourists from central and eastern Europe. The beauty and wilderness of those mountains became so famous, that merely mentioning the magic word „Carpathians“ or „Romania“ was the selling point, no need to do any further marketing. On top of the beautiful nature and desolation, it offered the people everything that they didn’t have elsewere in the EU countries anymore, and more than anything, it was a possibility for a relaxed exploration and wild camping virtually anywhere outside of the national parks. However, very few people were aware that a law practically forbidding public traffic on forest roads and in the wild had been passed in Romania all the way back in 2007. And nobody knew that simply because Romanian forest authorities never really cared to implement that law. But it looks as if those things are going to change. It’s only a question of time…

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