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Homolje Gold Rush

Early springtime mud fun in the mystical eastern Serbia

The Homolje mountains are a place where green pastures and rich forests on steep slopes were home for shepperds for centuries. And the hidden valleys, like a maze well tucked away from civilization, inspired people to resort to magic and sourcery, so it’s full of legends. But one of the strongest local traditions is that of gold panning in the rivers! So the locals will teach us that art, in the midst of touring caves of breathtaking beauty (also known as places of hidden gold), and conquering demanding offroad trails that surpass everything that you can expect in those, seemingly tame and pastoral hills. Embark on a unique early springtime 4×4 adventure!

See the full tour announcement (and registration form) on the Rustika Travel site.

Tisnica – our secret oasis

Written by
Aleksandar Veljković

What is owning a 4×4 vehicle all about? Offroad racing? Certainly not (at least not for us). The purpose of having an offroader is, in my opinion, in being able to reach some remote, hardly accessible places deep in the wild, where you’re certain that nobody would bother you in a million years, and enjoy them with your friends. And the confluence of Perast and Tisnica rivers at the border of Kučaj and Homolje mountains in eastern Serbia, is one of such places. A real heaven on earth, a hideout for those who know how to get there.

Our campsite by the Tisnica river

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Transylvania 2015 video on-line

We have completed the video from our Transylvania 2015 tour

If you want to experience this overlanding dreamland, join us in the Carpathians in July or September 2016!

Sharing our 4×4 dreams

Do you know who we really are?
Are our offroad tours right for you?
What can we give you?
What moves us?

Is it risky to take part?

When you first encounter a new team of offroad guides, you approach with caution, trying to find out if they share the same offroad philosophy as you do. And there is a reason for that – there are almost as many approaches to 4×4 travel as there are owners of 4×4 vehicles. For some it’s a pure adrenaline rush, a dynamic technical challenge which makes the rest of the world non-existent. For others it’s a journey of discovery, where the vehicle is a home on wheels that will take them to the end of the world. And there are many variations between these extremes.

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