4×4 tours for everyone – pick your own!

Dear friends, our complete tour schedule for 2016 season is on-line, at the well known place


This is what you can find there:

http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/serbian-snow-adventure/ (a winter wilderness adventure that shouldn’t be missed)
http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/homolje-gold-rush/ (a great way to greet the spring in an enchanting mystery landscape)
http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/iron-gate/ (experience the Iron Gate gorge and it’s surroundings in a way that nobody else can show you)
http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/eastern-serbian-springtime/ (this is definitely set to become a nomadic classic tour!)
http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/transylvania-2016/ (a different flavour of our traditional Carpathian tour)
http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/serbia-montenegro-highlands/ (some magnificent landscapes, shouldn’t be missed!)
http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/classic-carpathians/ (the best way to introduce yourself to the magic of the Carpathians)
http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/south-serbian/ (more of what you’ve seen in the Eastern Serbian Nomad’s Adventure)
http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/western-serbia-autumn-tour/ (this is a great introduction to 4×4 Serbia for those who prefer full comfort)
http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/serbian-trophy-plus/ (don’t miss a visit to the strongest Serbian 4×4 competition!)

There may be one or two tours still added in this packed schedule, but the core of our programme is there. So, if you don’t want to miss a place in some of our fantastic 4×4 adventures, reserve it right now! 😎


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