Our latest videos are on-line

We’ve started releasing a serios of new videos from the material recorded during our 2015 tours. The first one of them comes from the Eastern Serbian Nomad’s Tour, titled “Quest for freedom”. Short, dynamic, effective, it captures the essence of this epic tour of the wildest part of Serbia. Take a look!

All offroad tours more or less look similar. A bit of mud & water, a winching here and there, a beer afterwards, and everyone’s happy. But can there be anything more to it? What is it that makes an offroad tour stand out from the crowd? Could it be a search for hidden beauty in the wild and desolate corners of our world? Could it be finding such corners closer than you think they exist? Could it be establishing a perfect synergy of technical challenges and stunning beauty of landscapes? Tuning into the perfect rhythm of a journey?

Yes, that is probably it. Because, every of our tours is a real overland adventure, with everything that makes a true journey of discovery. Every tour is a new story to be told. And you’re in the middle of it, you’re living it. Unleash your soul, reach out for true freedom.

Photo and video material: Jochen Sarembe, Renaud Buysschaert, Aleksandar Veljković
Directed and edited by: Martin Zorn
2015 Serbianoutdoor 4×4 brought to you by Rustika Travel

Next two videos are produced from the material recorded during the South Serbian Nomad’s adventure, which is some sort of an extension of the tour area of the previous tour, overlapping in the landscapes of the mesmerizing Stara planina, which is definitely the highlight of eastern Serbia, capable of standing up against the attractions of the most popular Carpathian ridges. Two videos from this series have been produced so far – Suva planina and Vlasina, Dukat, Besna Kobila (the far south area). Here they are:

Stay tuned – we have some truly fantastic material from the Transylvania 2015 tour, which is untouched yet, so you’ll probably see some 5-6 more of our offroad videos by the end of the year!  😎

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