New videos on our YouTube channel

Winter is always a time of intense activity when it comes to writing and producing multimedia material from previous season, so this one is no exception. In the past month we’ve made several attractive videos, of which probably the one that will draw most attention is the Albanian Wild Tracks 2021 video:

It is from the tour which we conducted back in August 2021, featuring all of the most spectacular natural attractions of Albania, from north to south. We will be continuing our AWT series of tour with a 10-day tour in October 2022, which you can find more info about and book here – .

We have also made a short video from the just finished Balkans Snow Trails 2022 tour, which took place from January 4th to 9th. It was a mixture of sprintime and winter weather, so we’ve seen all possible faces of January.

And finally, we’ve also made a short video that shows how beautiful winter actually can be around Lipovica on the western slopes of the serbian Carpathians.

Enjoy all this inspiring material, and I hope to see you somewhere in the Balkans this year, to share the freedom of unrestricted living in the nature with you!

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