First winter scouting of Kučaj and Homolje

Winter has come a bit early this year. Kučaj and other higher mountains of eastern Serbia have seen their fair share or snowflakes before December even began. So we set out to carve our way through virgin snow. This is what we’ve experienced.

As the largest continuous uninhabited area in Serbia, Kučaj mountains are always a magical experience for the true adventurer. But winter setting gives them an almost frightening, desolate feeling. Rarely anyone roams around that huge wilderness, and in winter getting stuck there could mean months of waiting for help, or walking through the snow for more than a short winter day, looking for shelter surrounded by hungry wolves…

But we know the terrain very well, even without looking into our GPS devices.

We’ve headed for the heart of the mountain up Resavica and Nekudovo river valleys, stopping by the unique Prskalo waterfall, before reaching Valkaluci, the geographical centre of Kučaj, some 22 km away from the closest paved road in Resavica. Crossing the main Kučaj rigde by the Javorište pass, we descended into Kločanica valley and headed northeast towards Lisine and Lipovica, completing a 60+ km circle through the rich Kučaj forests.

On days two and three we explored the area around Lipovica towards the Krilaš peak and further into Homolje mountains, searching for new trails around Ribarska gorge of the Mlava river. We also visited the Gospodska stolica and Lukin kamen scenic points. So it was a very pleasent and diverse weekend, bound to be repeated as soon as possible (there are countless possible variations of what a curious 4×4 explorer can do in the area).

And of course, the Ždrelo spa is always the perfect way to end a cold day in the mountains! So join us whenever you’re around 😎

grudvanje na bazenu_resize

This was only a beginning of a jolly winter season in eastern Serbia. To get a picture what it could look like when the winter gets serious, watch our video from several years back…

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