2016 – an intense season

Eastern Serbia

This is traditionally the part of the Balkans that most of our activity is centered around, and 2016 was no exception. Most of the reports and travelogues on this blog are devoted to exploration of Eastern Serbia, and the summer season brough us tour after tour in this area, going up and down between the Iron Gate gorge and the Macedonian border. Lets take a look at the pictures from the two most interesting tours in the area.

We started the eastern Serbian series with the first South Serbian Nomad’s Adventure of the season. A well established route, which gives us plenty of opportunities for creative and exciting new variations every time, so from a guide’s point of view it is an extremely enjoyable tour to lead.

No wonder why this tour is our bestseller, don’t you think so? 😎

Anyway, leading Lost world Adventures through the entire Eastern Serbia in 10 days was a slightly more complex task, but turned out to be another extremely enjoyable tour, both for us and our British visitors (this was the first organized british overlanders group in Serbia). We started with the Iron Gate gorge and Homolje mountains, and after crossing Kučaj and Stara planina ended the tour in the far south again. Lets see some of the memorable views from that tour.

I mostly tried to choose those images that cover the landscape that we didn’t see in the previous tour, but it was still a hard choice. So, I guess, it’s no wonder we’ll have Lost World Adventures in Serbia again next year – same place, and similar time 😎

So, is there something else we’ve seen in this year? Yes, of course there is!


I often say there is no smaller country with more concentrated, intense beauty than Montenegro. It’s unique landscape, varying from the alpine style mountains with deep canyons surrounded by thick forest quickly turn into grassy highland plateus resembling the vast central Asian steppes. “Pamir” said one of our visitors this year “this is just like european Pamir” – and he knows what he’s talking about, because he’s been there.

The Montenegrian tour this year was an overwhelmingly rich experience, and we can only feel sorry that it was conducted with the minimum number of participants – obviously there are still not many people who are aware of the secrets the Montenegrian mountains harbor. Hopefully, the images and video materials from this year’s Montenegro tour will make it a much better visited one next season.

So what did it look like?

The tour lasted 10 days, including some of western Serbia in the first 3. But, there’s so much to see in Montenegro, that 10 days can hardly be enough. We only covered some of the mountains in the northern and central part of the country, much still remaining unseen. Well, it will have to wait for some other opportunity.

At the time when I write this, the season is far from being over. There’s one more South Serbian Nomad’s Adventure to conduct, followed by the epic, four country and two weeks spanning tour, Balkans Wild Tracks, taking us through Greece, Albania, Macedonia and Serbia. It’s a neverending story, with seasons changing, every one of them bringing a new outook on the majestic wilderness of the Balkans.

You don’t want to miss out on our future tours? No problem! Just go to this site and choose where you want to go with us 😎

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