2016 – an intense season

Yes, we haven’t found time to mention any of our tours since Homolje Gold Rush this past spring – and there’s been some… 12 or 13 of them inbetween, if we count both the official and unofficial ones. We’ve been in Serbia (all over), Romania and Montenegro, and that won’t be the end of the list. So let’s make just a quick run through the places we’ve visited in 2016. But first…

The video from the Serbian Snow Adventure we owe you. Almost 8 months delayed, but better late than never 🙂 With a bit of luck, the rest of the video material from this season will be processed as the new winter approaches. So here it is, enjoy! 😎

Huh, that was really intense, wasn’t it? And where have we been doing during the spring and summer season?

Western Serbia

There has actually been a lot of activity in western Serbia this year – both scouting, and guiding official tours. And a lot of memorable moments. Lets take a look at some pictures…


Weather was hectic as usual for serbian springtime – a lot of clear skies, but also streaks of rainy days, with quite severe thunderstorms, strong winds, and pouring water in the forests afterwards. Deep into June we wondered when is that instability going to end. And, of course, it was mostly muddy, which is standard for that time of year. And that is exactly what our two groups that came first wanted. First came the NO JEEP NO FUN team…

…followed directly by the STRONGBOL guys

Romania (Carpathian mountains)

Parallel to the activities in western Serbia, lots of scouting was going on in Romania in springtime. And with exactly the same problems like in Serbia. Heavy rain, day after day, made the first scouting tour in May only half as effective as it should have been. So we had to return a month later, after the weather has (more or less) stabilized, to complete the job.

Then came the summer, and the first official tour in Romania, Transylvania 2016. It took place in the west Carpathians, on some of the terrains where we were connecting loose ends in May and June. It was a great tour, although we’ve had several last minute dropouts, so what initially was supposed to be overbooked turned out to be a small, discrete company in the end.

The “main” Romanian tour, featuring the majestic south Carpathians, didn’t come before September this year. A little late, many would say, but actually it turned out as a perfect tour, with the most stable and sunny weather of them all! Only 12 hours of rain in 7 days is something even a mid-summer tour could only desire.

In the overwhelming beauty of the south Carpathian landscape it’s not easy to make a compact image collection from the tour, but I’ve made an attempt to do it…

So, do we wind up the springtime / summer season of 2016 with Romania? Certainly not! Lets go on to the next page to see what Eastern Serbia and Montenegro gave us this year!

You don’t want to miss out on our future tours? No problem! Just go to this site and choose where you want to go with us 😎

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