New 2016 videos on-line

Yes, it’s the video making season again! The 2 TB of new video material recorded on tours duriung this year is slowly finding it’s way to the editing software, so they’re coming, one by one. Lets see what we have released lately…

We’ve started with the longest standing material, the one from our last winter tour, in an effort to enable the candidates for the 2017 winter tour to see what they can expect.

Next came a short, but convincing video about our little trip to the mountains of eastern Serbia with material recorded just a few weeks ago – it’s a good way to see what spontaneous 4×4 play in this wild part of Serbia can look like.

Shortly afterwards the second part of the “No Jeep No Fun” tour video material was processed, showing what great fun these guys had on Golija mountain at the beginning of June.

And finally (but far from being last) comes the mind shattering beauty of the Pindos mountains in Greece – just to give you a glimpse of the great adventure that we’re preparing for you in the Balkans Wild Tracks 2017.

It’s hard to tell how many videos will be produced by the end of 2016 – a lot of tour material is still untouched. We expect another 2-3 videos from the material recorded during the epic Balkans Wild Tracks 2016 tour, and there’s a lot to get out of the experience that Lost World Adventures had with us in eastern Serbia this summer too. And, of course, two standard South Serbian tours are still waiting in storage, as well as the Montenegrian and Carpathian tours. Definitely more interesting material than we can possibly manage to produce videos from, so stay tuned – there’ll surely be a lot to feast your eyes on during the winter! 🙂

To see all of the Serbianoutdoor 4×4 videos in one place, visit our VIDEOS page.

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