Where are we taking you in 2017?

“Don’t live the same year 75 times, and call it a life.”

Yes – every new year is a new chance to add meaning to our lives with new adventures in places you haven’t seen before. And we offer to take you to those places, because we know where they are. Every season we explore and discover new ones, so even the tours that seem to be the same in our calendar are never the same as they were last year – every time we make them we try to achieve a higher level of traveller’s bliss, always adding to them something new and different 😎 Take a look at where and how we’ll be taking you in 2017…


Serbian Snow Adventure
(January 29th – February 4th)

Of course, our traditional winter tour is taking place again at the usual time. It features nights in top level comfort in the warmth of some small, out of the way mountain hotels (some of them featuring thermal pools), and days of some of the most exciting, uncertain, and at moments extreme winter offroad conditions. Whether it’s mud or deep snow, you have to be prepared for anything the unpredictable Serbian winter can throw at us!


Homolje Gold Rush (April 15th – 22nd)

There’s no better way to open the spring 4×4 season than to take on the challenges that the Serbian Carpathian mountains put before you after the snow has melted. Whether it’s crossing raging rivers, tackling some deep mud, discovering the secrets of eastern Serbian gold panning or simply enjoying the magnificent views freshly painted in vivid green colours of the newborn season, satisisfaction is guaranteed! Since it’s still too early for enjoyable camping, participants of this tour will have all the possibilities to relax after daily rounds in the pools of first class, out of the way small mountain hotels.


The Iron Gate and the Stone Arches
(May 6th-12th)

Enjoy driving through some of the most serious jungles left in Europe during our first camping tour of the season! The famous Iron Gate gorge of Danube, the biggest european river, is not only a fantastic attraction itself with all the cliffs, viewpoints and narrowings, but it’s surrounding harbors the biggest remaining area of virging forests in the Balkans. Even when you know the trails, every attempt to get through is an uncertain adventure. And there’s another attraction of this part of Serbia – natural stone arches in river canyons (we’ll visit several of them during the tour). If you’re a jungle&mud lover, you don’t want to miss this tour!


Eastern Serbian Nomad’s Adventure
(June 18th to 24th)

This tour is a true classic among our wild camping tours, which introduces you to all the contrasts and most striking wilderness features of eastern Serbia. Starting in Kučaj mountains, the biggest continuous uninhabited area in the Balkans, it travels slowly towards Stara planina, the magnificent mountain range on the border to Bulgaria. This is where the climax of the tour will be, with some truly unforgettable ridge trails and one of a kind wild camping spots!


South Serbian Nomad’s Adventure
(July 16th – 22nd)

A month later we’re going further down south in the east of Serbia. This time we’re starting with Suva and Stara planina, and continuing southwards all the way to the Macedonian border, driving along some of the longest high ridges that exist in Serbia. If you like the Carpathian mountains, you’ll definitely LOVE this tour! It’s so popular, that we had to make it twice in 2016 🙂


Classic Carpathians Adventure
(August 6th-12th)

The south Carpathian mountains in Romania are one of the best 4×4 playgrounds in Europe – a vast highland area where only your imagination is the limit to what you can experience in this breathtakingly picturesque landscape. Numerous lakes, river valley, and ridges streching for tens of kilometres, easily give you the opportunity to cover several +2000 m peaks in one day. Among these pine forests we have some of the most inspiring wild camping spots in southeast Europe. Every year we bring the south Carpathian tour closer to perfection, and we’ve prepared some surprises for 2017 too! 🙂


Montenegrian highlands (September 3rd-12th)

First of the longer tours of 2017 (10 days) evolved out of a combined tour featuring Montenegro and western Serbia. Reason is simple – this small, but striking country of dramatic wilderness scnenery features enough exotic spots and outstanding trails to pass that it can easily fill the 10 days. And when we take into account that descending to the Adriatic coast is a perfect ending to such a tour, we know that we have a bestseller here!


Balkans Wild Tracks (Sept 24th-October 6th)

Our biggest overland adventure in the Balkans (2 weeks), which traditionally closes the camping season is about to become much more exciting in 2017 – instead of driving to Serbia, it’s making a roundtrip back to the Pindos mountains in Greece, featuring some of the most unbelievable highland trais in the Balkans. So with the three countries (Albania, Macedonia and Greece) offering trails that take us sky-high (up to 2600 m), this tour is a glorious way to end the season, and a fitting place to spend the first autumn days in the warmth of the far south.


Western Serbian Dreamscapes
(October 14th-21st)

When the days already become shorter, and the nights cooler, this is a cozy way to enjoy the landscape of Western Serbia from the comfort of nice, warm mountain hotels. And the days are still long enough to experience the sheer magnitude of western Serbian Vistas, such as those encountered in the magnificent Tara national park, the Drina canyon, Zlatibor highlands, Uvac lakes or Golija’s wet forests. Although with developed tourist infrastructure, the wilderness of western Serbia is still not spoiled, and guarantees attractive and technically engaging 4×4 rides, as well as sightseeing, making it a complete natural, as well as cultural experience. Do not miss this tour if you have a free week in the second half of October!

So, which one is your flavour of 4×4 adventure for 2017? If you can’t decide, you always have an option to take part in more than one tour 😎 And our photo album with 5000+ images from various tours throughout the years can surely help you make up your mind. And if that is still not enough, try our video collection 🙂

See you in 2017!

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