Secret Carpathians / BWT 2017 videos

We completed our 2017 tour video production by releasing videos from two of the biggest overland adventures that we have conducted so far.

The first one was known as the South Serbian Nomad’s Adventure tour, and it was really memorable in July 2017. But only now have we found the time to process the video material and make a proper video out of it. It is, essentially, the tour which evolved into the Secret Carpathians, that we have in our calendar for 2018.

The second video is from the Balkans Wild Tracks 2017 tour, a two week journey through the unbelievable landscape of the Balkans far south, spanning Albania, Macedonia (FYROM) and Greece. We tried to make it as compact as possible, which wasn’t really easy, taking into account the overwhelming size of the video and photo material, but we believe we’ve captured the essence of the tour quite well. Enjoy! 🙂

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