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Eastern Serbian Nomad’s Adventure 2017

Photo album from another epic overlanding adventure in the Serbian Carpathians with a small, but inspiring group!

Land Rover club Slovenia discovering Serbian Carpathians

Photo album from the eastern Serbian tour of Land Rover club Slovenia lasting for 4 days + one video revealing a great little 4×4 river trail from the tour.

Homolje Gold Rush 2017

2 in 1 – a springtime & winter experience

Homolje Gold Rush is traditionally the tour which opens our main 4×4 season each springtime. A tour in the magnificent serbian Carpathian mountains, offering all kinds of sensations and challenges to the participant – from technical driving, through breathtaking vistas from attractive scenic viewpoints, deep forests, canyons, river crossing, etc. On top of all that, it’s an overwhelming cultural experience, in an area with an ancient gold panning tradition spanning hundreds of years in the past, with an organized visit to the biggest gold mine in Serbia. So there was really a lot to see and experience for the participants.

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