Natural stone arches of eastern Serbia

Feel the magic by touring the stone bridges of eastern Serbia with your 4×4!

Natural stone arches of eastern Serbia are some of the most famous geological phenomena of the Balkans. Situated in the Carpathian part of Serbia, no other part of the world has more of those – there are, believe it or not, 11 stone arches over rivers of eastern Serbia! They also play a central role in the mythology and pagan rituals of the Vlah people who live in eastern Serbia. The myths say that those are passages between the worlds of the living and the dead which lead the souls to heaven. And the water flowing under the bridges has magical powers…

Bridges over Vratna river, where there are three of them!

This is a cult tour for hikers in Serbia, promoted by dr Gordana Atanasijević, journalist, nature explorer and a big fan of eastern Serbia, who invested great effort and a lot of time into exploring and gathering information about the stone bridges. 4×4 enables you to bring the stone arches tour to the next level: you can approach them closer by motorized transport, and you can experience full magic of the area where they’re located, since you can travel between them off-road.

The Zamna bridge is more like a tunnelTraditional gold washing in eastern Serbia

Of course, you cannot reach the very arches on wheels, so this is a tour for those who do not mind hiking, can balance on stony ground and are a bit adventurous. To reach some of them you have to walk a few kilometres, and others require you to get wet or even swim. So you should take your bathing suits, and beach shoes (more robust, if possible) to this tour! Of course, take your photographic equipment too, because there’s plenty of unique beauty to see and remember afterwards, but take care to protect the equipment from water.

White Springs waterfalls

Completing this tour takes three days, and it can be connected with the Danube tour of “Serbian Amazonian” forest or various other programmes throughout the Carpathian parts of Serbia. Accomodation is available in three star hotels or in private rooms for rent in the local villages, or alternatively, for the nomadic among you, camping in memorable spots in the wild is also possible.

Seeking for hidden treasure in Rajko's cave

The programme includes visiting Rajko’s cave, one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia, the demonstration of the ancient ways of searching for gold in the river beds by the locals, and visiting White Springs, very beautiful cascading waterfalls near the highest stone bridge, the Hollow Rock.

Slideshow from our Natural Arches of Eastern Serbia 2011 tour

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