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Homolje Gold Rush 2016

Written by
Aleksandar Veljković

After the experience with the “winter tour” in April last year we wanted the beginning of the springtime season of Rustika Travel tours to be a true springtime event, with minimum risk of snow, and lots of mud and a chance to watch the nature sprouting and waking up after the winter sleep. So we decided to make it in the lower mountains of northeast Serbia, where the risk of late winter conditions wasn’t so great like in the higher mountains. And it turned out we managed to hit the point – the tour was a 100% success! 😎

In the mud of Trest forest

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Moments of 2015

Several new exciting videos have been put online in the last two weeks. You can find them all on our videos page. I’d like to draw your special attention to my slideshow overview of the great year behind us – great journeys with fantastic people, that I’ve titled Moments of 2015. Have a wonderful new year, and lets go on dreaming together in 2016!