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Sharing our 4×4 dreams

Do you know who we really are?
Are our offroad tours right for you?
What can we give you?
What moves us?

Is it risky to take part?

When you first encounter a new team of offroad guides, you approach with caution, trying to find out if they share the same offroad philosophy as you do. And there is a reason for that – there are almost as many approaches to 4×4 travel as there are owners of 4×4 vehicles. For some it’s a pure adrenaline rush, a dynamic technical challenge which makes the rest of the world non-existent. For others it’s a journey of discovery, where the vehicle is a home on wheels that will take them to the end of the world. And there are many variations between these extremes.

In this post I’ll try to tell you where we stand in this both exciting and wonderful world. Continue reading Sharing our 4×4 dreams