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Serbian Snow Adventure

Serbia, not Siberia… But there’s not much difference!

When the wind starts howling, wave after wave of snow blizzards encase the Kučaj mountains in white, everyone flees them as fast as possible, knowing that they can be stranded there until springtime. Everyone, except us. That is when we buckle up our snow chains, pack up our winter recovery gear, and engage on the snowdrift surfing tour through that vast kingdom of the wolves… And when we conquer Kučaj winterscapes, it’s time to move over to western Serbia, for a whole different flavour of snow adventure! And inbetween our daily ice games, we’ll bask in the warm thermal pools and enjoy the spicy Serbian cuisine. There’s no better way to experience the Balkan winter!

More info in the tour announcement on Rustika Travel.

Zapadna Srbija – novi promo video

Najbolji način da upoznate lepote zapadne Srbije jeste putujući terencem mimo glavnih puteva – tako ćete stići do mnogih mesta koja bi drugačije ostala daleko od očiju. Ovaj spot napravljen je od materijala snimljenog tokom sedmodnevne ture za goste iz Izraela, realizovane početkom oktobra 2012. Drina, Tara, Zlatibor, Uvac – jednom rečju, najbolje od zapadne Srbije.