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South Serbian Nomad’s Adventure

Building on the success of Eastern Serbian Nomad’s Adventure, we take the journey further south. Stara planina left the participants in true overlander’s extasy – the sheer beauty of the mountain, the rich experience of the landscapes, combined with demanding trails, make you crave to return! So we’re starting our south Serbian journey from there. Southeast Serbia is the home to all the highest Serbian mountains, giving you the opportunity to float on endless grassy ridges. The kind of landscape typical for Stara planina goes on for an entire week in this tour, revealing to the participants mountains such as Ruj, Vardenik, Suva, Besna Kobila and Dukat.

More details about the event (and the registration form) you can find in the official announcement page – http://www.rustikatravel.com/4×4/scheduled/south-serbian/

Through the wilderness of eastern Serbia


A true overlanding camping adventure

Pilj waterfall

The thing that makes eastern Serbia so special is the fact that it’s one of the few remaining sparsely inhabited wildernesses in Europe. It’s the kind of place that you’re dreaming about when you want to break all your ties with everyday life and find silence and unspoiled nature somewhere. And freedom, yes, that is the key factor. Because, unspoiled nature throughout Europe is in most places actually spoiled by guards, cameras, rules, which are there to, allegedly, “protect” that nature, but actually keep reminding you of the things you want to forget about. And you every move is closely monitored. But not in eastern Serbia, no. You can really wander for days there without meeting a single human being, without being forced to obey any regulation or rule, except the natural, logical ones. You can really forget about the place where you’ve come from. You can be relaxed, and FREE. Continue reading Through the wilderness of eastern Serbia

Offroading and nature – between truth and myth

Written by: Aleksandar Veljković

Contemporary ecologists usually regard motorized vehicles as enemy #1 of life on our planet. They talk about cities without cars, sustainable development, renewable energy sources, repeating the same phrases over and over again as mantras with a strong dogmatic power, without feeling the need to substantiate or offer proof for any of the claims. If anyone dares to ask for proof of these, to put it pollitely, half-truths, if anyone dares to call those claims exagerration and asks for scientific tests or measurements, he becomes cast off, mocked, regarded as “barberian”. So contemporary ecology moves in big steps in the direction of a new religion, in which people believe without questioning, and where anyone who doubts any of the dogmas becomes a heretic, rejected by the society which embraced the new religion.

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Karpati 2011 – udisanje slobode

Izveštaj napisao: Aleksandar Veljković

Kada pasioniranog ofroudera bacite u Karpate, to je kao da ste ljubitelja slatkiša pustili u fabriku čokolade. To je nesagledivo ogroman prostor visokih planinskih venaca koji se nadovezuju jedni na druge bez prestanka. Moćni huk planinskih reka uz brojne vodopade, travnati grebeni koji se protežu do horizonta, beskrajne četinarske šume, planinska jezera, a sve to naizgled bez kraja i početka. Ukoliko se previše zanesete u svojoj istraživačkoj pasiji lako vam se može desiti da vam gorivo stigne na rezervu i naprasno shvatite da u krugu od 100 km vazdušne linije oko vas ne postoji nijedna benzinska stanica. Zato su u Karpatima za vlasnike benzinaca sa plinom oba napunjena rezervoara obavezna, a za ostale – kantica sa rezervnim gorivom na krovu.

Mapa ture po Karpatima leta 2011.

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