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West Serbian and Montenegrian highlands

A 10-day adventure through the Dinaric Alps

Natural beauty of the Dinaric Alps features dramatic contrast between ancient forests, grassy highland plains, and alpine type cliffs. On this highland route we’ll be crossing the world famous Tara canyon, visiting the Durmitor and Bjelasica national parks, Sinjajevina, the biggest highland plateau in the Balkans (avarage altitude 1700 m), and visit several lakes of breathtaking beauty, which will be a real feast for your camera lenses. We’ll camp in places of holy silence and unspoiled nature, and see and taste the old ways of making cheese by Montenegrian mountain folk. It will be an immersive, overwhelming experience for all senses!

For more info and registration form visit the tour announcement page on Rustika Travel site.

New Serbianoutdoor 4×4 videos

We have a hard time producing all the video material that we record on our travels – some of it hasn’t seen the light of YouTube for more than a few years now. But we’re certainly trying to bring to you what we feel would be interesting. So two of our new videos are online – the one bringing to you the unspoiled beauty of Montenegro highlands

as well as the one depicting all the fun that western Serbia can bring you in a 4×4 tour (recorded during the “No Jeep No Fun” team tour in June 2015)

Enjoy, and join us next time, to live our dreams together!