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Eastern Serbian Nomad’s Adventure

This is the perfect wild camping trip for all those who want to get a feeling that they’re lost in complete wilderness thousands of kilometres from home. The very sparsely inhabited eastern Serbia is an area of outstanding natural beauty and numerous hidden treasures, that will grant you many breathless views and a feeling of limitless freedom of exploration. From the densely forested area of the Kučaj mountains to the waterfalls and highland plains of the Old mountain in the south, your days and nights will be packed with memorable moments that you’d want to experience again and again!

See the full tour announcement (and registration form) on the Rustika Travel site.

Last video from BWT 2016 online

We have finally assembled and put online the last video using the material from the Balkans Wild Tracks 2016 tour:

It depicts the second part of the tour, that took place in the mountains of eastern Serbia – all the way from the far south to the north. For more info about the tour, you can read our travelogue Discovering Wild Balkans.

New 2016 videos on-line

Yes, it’s the video making season again! The 2 TB of new video material recorded on tours duriung this year is slowly finding it’s way to the editing software, so they’re coming, one by one. Lets see what we have released lately…

We’ve started with the longest standing material, the one from our last winter tour, in an effort to enable the candidates for the 2017 winter tour to see what they can expect.

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Our February 4×4 adventures

This February has been a very active month for us. First we’ve (in cooperation with Rustika Travel) successfully conducted Serbian Snow Adventure, and a week later visited our friends from Jeep Club Romania (AJCR) who celebrated their 4th anniversary in Baia de Fier in the Carpathians, from February 12th to 14th.

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4×4 tours for everyone – pick your own!

Dear friends, our complete tour schedule for 2016 season is on-line, at the well known place


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