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Homolje Gold Rush 2017

2 in 1 – a springtime & winter experience

Homolje Gold Rush is traditionally the tour which opens our main 4×4 season each springtime. A tour in the magnificent serbian Carpathian mountains, offering all kinds of sensations and challenges to the participant – from technical driving, through breathtaking vistas from attractive scenic viewpoints, deep forests, canyons, river crossing, etc. On top of all that, it’s an overwhelming cultural experience, in an area with an ancient gold panning tradition spanning hundreds of years in the past, with an organized visit to the biggest gold mine in Serbia. So there was really a lot to see and experience for the participants.

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Homoljsko-Kučajske zimske čarolije

Tokom januara 2016. godine smo na Homoljsko-Kučajskom području bili vrlo aktivni, dokazavši u više navrata da nadaleko čuveni Kučajski smetovi ne moraju biti prepreka za prolaz preko ovog prostranstva impozantne divljine istočne Srbije. 10. januara smo, u saradnji sa prijateljima iz kluba Resava 4×4 i etno domaćinstvom Milanović iz Lipovice u konvoju od 13 terenaca uspeli u osvajanju Beljanice, iako dubina snega na prilazima vrhu nije bila nimalo naivna.

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First winter scouting of Kučaj and Homolje

Winter has come a bit early this year. Kučaj and other higher mountains of eastern Serbia have seen their fair share or snowflakes before December even began. So we set out to carve our way through virgin snow. This is what we’ve experienced.

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From Lazar’s cave, over Malinik, Brezovica and Valkaluci to Resavica

Overall track length – 77 km
Technical difficulty – 5/10
Scratching – 5/10

Zalazak Sunca na grebenu MalinikaKučaj mountains are the biggest uninhabited wilderness area in Serbia and a real heaven for 4×4 explorers. In a space of more than 2500 square kilometres there you can pass through some of the biggest beech forests in Europe, some of the most beautiful canyons and river valleys, picturesque rocky ridges and a grand scale underworld of caves and pits, which has been attracting cave explorers for decades. Dynamic and diverse, Kučaj mountains are also rich with wildlife, so it has all the prerequisites to become a national park in the future. This track is the first in a series that will show you how to traverse Kučaj all the way from the far east to the west, covering 77 km and visiting some of it’s most prominent landmarks – Lazar’s cave, the scenic viewpoints of Lazar’s canyon, the main ridge of Malinik, Velika Brezovica plains, Valkaluci, Prskalo waterfall…

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