Corona pandemic update / December

We have reached the point when nothing is certain anymore. Right now we’re in the midst of toughest lockdowns Europe has seen so far. Travel is technically possible, but strongly discouraged by most governments, threatening quarantine upon returning. Well, actually not every European country has the same approach, so if you intend to travel we suggest that you examine the conditions set by every country that you want to pass through carefully.

When it comes to Serbia, it has had a very liberal approach throughout this year. Every foreign citizen can enter Serbia, and you need a PCR test not older then 48 hours only if you’re coming from Croatia, Romania, or Bulgaria. Through all other borders, there are no special requirements.

Overlanding tours are probably the safest way to travel during the pandemic, and, in my opinion, there was never really a threat this year if you stick to nature and go to towns only for refueling and resupplying (petrol stations and supermarkets in Serbia require masks to be worn, while outside masks are still not mandatory). Also, there are no restrictions regarding movement, hotel accomodation and wild camping, so overlanding tours in Serbia during the pandemic do not look any different than before.

What will happen with the 2021 season?

Technically, everything is ready to resume our tours the moment the EU borders open for normal travel again, so that our customers can reach Serbia and other Balkan countries. So it’s not up to us. Ask your government when that will be. If you’re willing to disregard the official travel warnings issued by your government (which are a political, EU protectionist measure anyway, not indicating any real increased risk), you’re welcome (at least) in Serbia at any time. Except for our regularly scheduled tours, for groups of 3 or more vehicles we’re ready to plan custom tours, in the timeframe that suits you. 

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