Two new videos in our Youtube channel

Scratching the car is one of the bigger frustrations of overlanders that are newcomers to the Balkans. Instead of the nicely maintained trails in EU offroad parks, they suddenly stumble into true, completely unmaintained wilderness, discovering trails that may have not been driven by anyone for ages. And when a trail is not used, it becomes overgrown by vegetation. So what is my advice for the Balkans rookies? Watch our new video to find out!

As the winter is nearing, we scout the Kučaj mountains in order to find out how much snow we actually have there. But this time of year can be quite beautiful, as nature is slowly entering it’s winter hibernation, and there’s nobody around. So it’s the perfect time of year for those seeking perfect solitude. On November 28 I made a 100 km circle around Kučaj, featuring Beljanica, Klencuš and Kločanica. This video is a layed back version of that joyful ride!

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